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Antarctica 2015

By now I have become a veteran traveler and I was ready to tackle the ultimate  voyage across the Drake Passage to Antarctica. After flying to Buenos Aires, then on to Ushuaia, the southern most city in the world at the tip of South America, we boarded our expedition ship the Plancius at four in the afternoon. After a safety drill for abandoning ship for the life boats in case of disaster, we sailed quietly through the Beagle sound, viewing the snow covered peaks, sea birds flying alongside escorting the ship out into the open ocean. We then enjoyed a delicious dinner in the dining area and then, after a drink in the lounge it was off to bed to our small cabin on deck three. I remember reading for a time and then falling asleep around ten o’clock. Then very early in the morning, I was jolted awake as I felt the ship being bumped. And then it started twisting from side to side. I got up out of bed, it was 5 AM, and stood there for a time and my roommate asked me how I felt. And I said fine, but then suddenly my stomach did a flip flop and I lay back down in bed. Well to make a long story short, because I had the patch I soon overcame my motion sickness and was fine the rest of the trip. But we were three days in te most volatile sea on earth where three oceans come together, the Atlantic, Pacific and the Southern, and fight it out. Sighting land was the most beautiful thing ever, low snow covered peaks bathed in the rosy glow of the setting sun. Later that day we sailed through the Gerlache strait, a narrow passage between snow covered peaks. As the days passed, we visited the Penguin Post Office, where there were hundreds of penguins, we snowshoed some days, then spent one night camping on the ice. I have to say that this was by far the most exciting trip of my lifetime. I call it the most beautiful place on earth. I then came home and wrote my book The Iceberg Murders.


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