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Botswana Africa

In 2013 I traveled to Botswana Africa. I began my trip by flying from Washington Dulles airport to Johannesburg South Africa, with a short stopover in Dakar Senegal. After spending two days in Johannes where I had met my group, we flew on a prop jet to Muan Botswana where we met our guides. We then drove to our camp which took most of the afternoon, starting out on paved roads, which turned to gravel and eventually a bush trail. it was late and getting dark and we came around a corner and a cheetah jumped in front of the truck and stared at us. It was then that I knew this would be a wonderful adventure. When we arrived in camp there was a huge bonfire and a long table set with china and candles burning. It was magical. For the next ten days we slept on cots in tents with a long drop out back, and a bucket to hold our shower water. The food was amazing with all the wine we wanted. There were times when we heard lions roaring or an elephant bellowing at night. Every morning we went on game drives until noon and then had lunch and seista and then back out in the evening. We saw elephant, leopard, lions, giraffe, impala, and many other animals in their natural habitat. And beautiful birds as well. Changing camps every few days we ended our trip at Chobe National park where the elephants were prolific and the savannas were filled with wildlife of all kinds. And then onto Victoria Falls and a five star resort. The last day there, I walked across the falls to a pool where we could swim at the very top of this raging water fall. Upon returning home I wrote Murder on Safari, a mystery about a former war correspondent turned wildlife activist reporting on the poaching of the elephants in Tsavo National Park, Kenya.

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